FBX export settings

There are a few steps to start with to prepare the model for export. First check that your model is in the centre of the coordinate system of your 3D window scene. If not, make one collection with all the components of the building (select all and press m). Then select the whole collection and move 3D cursor to selected collection.

shift + s > move 3D cursor to selected

Pivot adjustment in Blender

Grab (g) and move the entire collection to the world origin.

Correctly placed model in BlenderWrongly placed model in Blender

To export a file in this format go to:

File > Export > FBX > Path mode > Copy > Check box “embed Textures” > Export FBX

You can find the exact export settings in the screen shot below:

Export from Blender

Next, a “Polygon Mesh Options” window will pop up. To reduce the size of the output file, move the slider to the left. You can access more precise settings by clicking on the “Detailed Controls…” button.