Supported file formats

Our goal was to create a universal 3D viewer, suitable for complex, hand-modeled, laser-scanned objects. We currently support following 3D formats:


OBJ | FBX | PLY | DAE | STL | XYZ | JSON | 3DS | glTF | GLB | IFC | ABC | X3D


However, some formats are treated in a slightly different way than others. The formats that our viewer can display without conversion are as follow:

OBJ (+MTL) | FBX | PLY | DAE | STL | XYZ | JSON | 3DS | glTF | GLB

The other listed formats can be displayed in the viewer only after going through the conversion process. These are as follow:


Our viewer also automatically generates renders using the Blender engine, based on which previews are set, but it does not support all the formats. The formats that can get automatically rendered previews are as follow:

OBJ | FBX | PLY | DAE | STL | glTF | GLB | ABC | X3D

In some cases, the correct display of a 3D model requires the upload of additional files, such as textures (see Common uploading guidelines). Then it is required to create an archive file containing all necessary files. Our viewer supports the following archive file formats: