Welcome to 3D Repository!

This is a prototype beta version of 3D Repository of DFG 3D-Viewer Project.

3D Repository is an online platform for 3D models of cultural heritage, where you can store and share your 3D data. You can provide access to them by using our 3D viewer solution or by making your files publicly available for download under chosen license. You can browse through the uploaded 3D models and check functionalities of the 3D viewer without registration. If you wish to upload to the repository your own 3D content, please send a request with the chosen account name by e-mail. Before uploading the model remember to read the guidelines, which help you prepare your model properly to the upload process. In case, when you've created an account, but it is not active, please write an account activation request by e-mail.

We also invite you to browse our prototype of DFG 3D-Viewer instance and prototypical data aggregation instance which collects models from various 3D repositories like Sketchfab, Europeana, Urban History 4D and more!

Currently supported 3D formats by our 3D viewer: DAE FBX PLY IFC XYZ STL 3DS GLTF JSON ABC X3D OBJ

This website was created in Drupal management system with use of virtual research environment module WissKI.

Project Website: https://dfg-viewer.de/en/dfg-3d-viewer
Project Overview will be soon publicly available on miro board.
3D Viewer GitHub: https://github.com/thedworak/dfg_3dviewer
DFG 3D-Viewer GitHub: https://github.com/slub/3d-viewer

For any questions contact administrator: igorpiotr.bajena@unibo.it