3D Repository is an online platform for 3D models of cultural heritage, where you can store and share your models. By using our 3D viewer solution you can display your 3D content in your browser. All data are saved in human and machine readable way with use of common data standard. You can also let other people download and use your data under chosen license.


About project


This is a prototype beta version of the 3D Repository developed as part of the DFG 3D-Viewer Project. Our primary goal was to create light-weight 3D viewer for sharing 3D data among the community, based on established standards. Current repository is a testing environment for our new solutions for documentation and aggregation of 3D data.

We also invite you to check our demo of our 3D Data Aggregator, which collects models from various online repositories like Sketchfab, Europeana, UrbanHistory4D and more!

Supported 3D formats


One of our objectives was to create a universal viewer that could handle 3D models based on laser scanning as well as those created by hand. We also tried to enable the display of complex models, up to 2 million vertices with a file size limit of almost 2 GB! At the moment, we support the display of up to 13 different 3D file formats:


Getting started


You can browse through the uploaded 3D models and check functionalities of the viewer without registration. If you wish to upload to the repository your own 3D content, please send a request with the chosen account name by e-mail. Before uploading the model remember to read first the Guidelines, which help you prepare your model properly for the upload process. You can also follow a video tutorial explaining step by step upload process of 3D data.

In case, when you created an account, but it is not active, please write an account activation request by mail.

Recent models

  • Große Synagoge Maharshal in Lublin, beta (1855 - 1862) by Enis Haxhija [IFC]
    Archicad 26
  • Synagoge Weißer Storch (beta) (1929 - 1929) by Mara Jungbluth [IFC]
    Archicad 26
  • Pilica Synagogue (1914), prepared for Augmented Reality (AR) by Miłosz Kazuła [GLB]
  • Ansbach, Residenz, Carlonesaal (1734 - 1735) by Mona Hess [GLB]
    Agisoft Metashape, CaptureOne, Leica Cyclone FIELD 360
  • Kleroterion 3D reconstruction by Marinos Ioannides [OBJ]